Our Mission & Message

Our Mission :- The mission of our school is to produce enlightened children who could be good citizens of Nation as well as good human being. We make our constant effort it’s create such sense of various qualities in them. We also want to elevate the society by including the children of the backward and downtrodden classes who cannot afford very costly education. We try to nurture such qualities in the children which are besides the educational ambit. We pray to Almighty to bless us and every child in particular to move on this noble path.

Massage :- Shri Sai Vidya Mandir is heading towards the elevation of the society in general by inclusion of society backward and poverty stricken classes of the society. The mission of the school is properly pursued by the skilled Teachers & Staff and Children under the guidance of the Teachers. Various activities on the special occasions and day to day curriculum are the real efforts to being the children up to a good level to make them all-round good personality which can produce good citizens of Nation in future. I wish the school a great success and pray to God to give them good spirit and Courage to move this noble path constantly.